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Fire Hoses
Exit Lights
Emergency Lights
Fire Supression

Many facilities experience a power outage at some point and of course there's the possibility of an emergency.

Fully operational emergency lights and exit signs are critical to help guide your building occupants to safety. But functioning lights leading to a safe evacuation don't happen by accident. They require consistent testing and inspections to help keep them ready.

Correctly selecting and properly installing all necessary exit signs and emergency lighting is not the end. Testing and maintenance are also required. Egress pathways need to be kept clear. Any clutter which can hide or impede the proper operation of exit signs and emergency lighting need to be removed.

A quick response from well-maintained hose system can slow a fire's progress until help arrives. We install hoses, inspect and care to your hose systems to help you keep it ready in the event of a fire emergency.

Protection from fire starts with making sure your fire extinguishers are ready to go. We'll help you confirm that your facility's fire extinguishers are properly tested and inspected. Helping you stay compliant with current fire codes.

When it comes to your sensitive electrical, manufacturing and cooking equipment, it's important to have the correct type of suppression system installed to help extinguish a fire quickly and limit damage.

Of course it's not enough to simply have a suppression system installed. The system has to be properly maintained and it is up to you to make sure it is up to code. That's where our experience in testing and inspection comes in. We're truly passionate about helping you keep your systems ready and compliant with fire codes.


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